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KINERA is one of the established IEM companies from China, which, similar to BGVP, has a wide range of IEMs on offer, ranging from 20 € to the 4-digit range. The BD005 PRO is the apparent successor to the BD005. However, the IEMs basically have not much in common and so I save myself the detailed direct comparison. If you will, the BD005 PRO is superior in all technical areas. Tonally, they also go different ways, as the BD005 comes across as rather flat as well as uninspired and doesn't have great dynamics. The BD005 PRO is clearly more musical and lively, though not a neutral IEM. That's all that needs to be said about it.
For me, the BD005 is a remarkable value and a great budget option in 2021.


KINERA seems to have taken a liking to their Hexagon packaging and so the BD005 PRO is also shipped in one. As accessories we get quite short silicone tips, which are also known from companies like GUIDERAY, or MAGAOSI. I achieve a very good fit with it, because the ergonomic design of the BD005 PRO also contributes its part (the sound openings reach without tips already quite far into the ear canal), but I have also read other opinions about it, which claim the opposite. A transport case is included as well as a decent 4-core cable, which is solid, but nothing more.

The BD005 PRO has a custom-style design that is now widely used, which is not only visually appealing, but just as comfortable to wear. There are also no deficits to be found in the workmanship, which means that the BD005 PRO is haptically a bit ahead of its price class.

The passive isolation is considerable with a good fit (which is easy to achieve in my opinion), so that the BD005 Pro is certainly recommended for the stage.


The BD005 PRO is such an IEM that should not necessarily be judged by its graph. Apart from the fact that I always prefer the subjective listening impression and use graphs as an additional tool, they can give an impression of the possible sound experience in advance. To be honest, however, I did not have too many expectations before the first listening test after my previous measurement. I was positively surprised.

I was most convinced by the bass. This is just right for my taste in quantity (clearly this must also fit the signature, but applies in this case). This has a good texture and a natural response, which makes it quite well describe as organic. That means it's neither sterile nor dry, spongy or overloaded. It is quite full-bodied and knows how to combine fun with authenticity. Surely it could be a bit more precise or sensitive, but within the signature it works very well and knows how to play off its qualities. It also benefits from its slight sub-bass focus in this regard, as it doesn't push the mids too hard.

These may not be to everyone's taste at first glance on the sheet of paper, but in the listening test they are surprisingly pleasant and also not as bad tonally as suspected, on the contrary. I was disturbed by two things in advance, but they did not turn out to be so drastic or negative in the listening test. On the one hand, there is a peak around 2 kHz, which could become somewhat nasal and also glaring in relation to the complete frequency response. However, this is only confirmed to a very discreet extent or actually doesn't seem to exist. The mids can score with an appealing clarity and transparency, where the separation of instruments and voices also works very well. Tonally, there are slight deductions in the B grade, but rather due to the ratio of the 2 kHz peak and 4 kHz peak, as the latter brightens up the mids a bit too much to speak of absolute naturalness. In return, it gives them a bit more presence and lightness. Basically, I am not only positively surprised by the mids, but they actually work very well for me and have an appealing musicality.

The highs join the good performance of the mids. They don't have breathtaking extension and struggle with very slight sibilants here and there, but play in a good range for my taste and manage to bring out details without seeming strained or artificial. A mostly secure tuning, which harmonizes well with the other frequency ranges and leaves a homogeneous overall impression. In my opinion, this is also a solid tool for the stage, where it does not depend 100% on neutrality, but more on the long-term audibility and musicality. Treble-heads will not find here, but all who prefer it more relaxed in the treble, but do not want to sacrifice quality without looking for horizon-expanding brilliance or resolution.

This can also be argued with the stage and imaging. These are also on a good level without seeming too compressed or too wide, which allows us to speak of a natural 3D image here with good basic technical requirements and implementation.


Bravo KINERA. The BD005 PRO is certainly not an IEM that is the absolute star in the ring in its price range, but it is extremely competitive and versatile. Starting from the attractive and ergonomic design with very good isolation and comfort to the good and musical, somewhat bright tonality with acceptable technical characteristics, the BD005 Pro is a very good overall package and a clear recommendation if you do not want to spend more than 50€ and still looking for quality. A budget IEM that can haptically keep up with higher classes and has a lot to offer sonically (depending on your taste, of course). Value: A



Here the processing plays a role and the usability of the scope of supply. Additionally the appearance, wearing comfort and robustness.

Here I evaluate for me subjectively the price/performance ratio - does not flow into the evaluation!

Z: No Brainer

A: money well spent

B: all right, you can do

C: gives better for less money

D: overpriced

E: collector's price

Daily life:
Here, I focus on the long-term audibility and whether I can hear it well out of the box. This is of course very subjective and therefore only a minimal deduction or bonus. 

(-0.1, 0, +0.1)


Rating in Letters

S: 9.5 - 10

A: 9.0 - 9.4​

B: 8.0 - 8.9​

C: 7.0 - 7.9

D: 6.0 - 6.9​
E: 5.0 - 5.9​

F: 0.0 - 4.9​







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