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SENFER is a small wonder bag, which has landed a hit especially with the DT6. On the one hand you really have to acknowledge that they know their craft and produce sound-wise really very good IEMs for the small purse, which don't have to hide behind much more expensive products. The only shortcoming of SENFER is the bad quality control, which is really regrettable. In addition, SENFER is not the biggest fan of their own designs, but they prefer to help themselves to competitors. The list here is long, but to give you a little insight: XBA 6in1 > SONY XBA H3, EN900 > SIMGOT EN700, DT2 > Sennheiser IE 800 and so on. However, the quality of workmanship is never as good as that of the originals, but the cost is usually only a tenth of that.

But enough smartassing, here we are talking about the SIMGOT EN700 twin EN900, which is a 2*DD & 2*BA hybrid.


As with many budget IEMs from other manufacturers, the scope of delivery of SENFER is usually extremely manageable. With its 3 pairs of silicone tips, T-shirt clip, MMCX cable and earphones, it would have been easy to fit it into half the packaging.

The EN900 is a mixture of metal (faceplate) and plastic housing, which even gives it a rather high-quality look due to the front. However, if you turn the earphones upside down, this impression fades quickly. I'm not saying that the EN900 is badly made, but it doesn't feel as high quality as you would expect on some pictures and certainly not like the SIMGOT EN700.

The cable is unfortunately really scrap for my taste. It was renounced on any kind of stiffening, or at least a mounting over the ear. Since the cable is neither very flexible nor has a sufficient weight, sports activities are not a safe thing to do, even though the EN900 is very comfortable and fits tightly in the ear. However, it is annoying when the cable slides over the ear. The KZ ATE did not use ear stiffeners, but small weights were attached just behind the ear to give the cable the necessary stability.
With the EN900 you should look for another cable, if you want to be active with it.

Otherwise the isolation is very good and well above average.


The EN900 focuses on a V-signature with potent bass, energetic, musical mids and detailed, but unfortunately a bit too bright trebles.

The bass has real swing. It's not the most stable, or transparent, but it's a lot of fun to play and stays surprisingly well under control. It offers a voluminous body, has a powerful punch and a good depth, even though it feels more comfortable in the mid-bass.

I would describe the mids as very rich, warm, slightly discoloured but energetic and joyful to play. They are not the most detailed ones, but they flatter male voices and give women a quite natural timbre, even if they are set back a bit. I like this powerful midrange presentation, with this physicality that the EN900 offers. The EN900 doesn't overdo it in the upper mids and still stays vibrant, even if it sometimes seems a bit too bloated and thus becomes unnatural. Here the fun factor is in the foreground, to let yourself be carried away by the mids. Here, the EN900 is sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss, with the former predominant. I would still like to see a bit more order and clarity.

With the highs, as with the mids, I am sometimes more, sometimes less enthusiastic. Basically they are very detailed and have a great extension, but sometimes they get a bit unnatural and above all hot. Here it also depends a lot on the source, because if a source is already tuned very bright, this doesn't necessarily suit the high frequencies. Therefore the symptoms of fatigue are sometimes more, sometimes less pronounced. On the one hand, the trebles are sometimes really impressive with their open, transparent nature and keep the signature shining without letting it plunge into complete darkness, but sometimes it's just too much. Surprisingly, the sibilants stay quite well under control. Here it rather plays a role how tolerant one is towards the high frequencies.

The EN900 manages to build up a solid 3D image, even if it's a little bit inferior in depth and likes it a bit more intimate.


With an equalizer you can really get something out of the EN900, but I've also been convinced by Out-Of-The-Box. It reminds me strongly of the REVONEXT QT2, whereby the EN900 is warmer and more musical, the QT2 a bit cleaner and crisper.
The EN900 is really a good Budget-IEM, as I am used to from SENFER and especially Rock gives me a lot of joy with it. It's no secret that you have to have a certain tolerance for the high frequencies with many Asian manufacturers and you get used to it, because it won't be painful with the EN900.

But quality control remains a topic. This may look a bit worse than it is on the graph, because our brain compensates a lot, but still leaves a bland aftertaste.



Here the processing plays a role and the usability of the scope of supply. Additionally the appearance, wearing comfort and robustness.

Here I evaluate for me subjectively the price/performance ratio - does not flow into the evaluation!

Z: No Brainer

A: money well spent

B: all right, you can do

C: gives better for less money

D: overpriced

E: collector's price

Daily life:
Here, I focus on the long-term audibility and whether I can hear it well out of the box. This is of course very subjective and therefore only a minimal deduction or bonus. 

(-0.1, 0, +0.1)


Rating in Letters

S: 9.5 - 10

A: 9.0 - 9.4​

B: 8.0 - 8.9​

C: 7.0 - 7.9

D: 6.0 - 6.9​
E: 5.0 - 5.9​

F: 0.0 - 4.9​



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