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TIN HIFI has been romping around in the 100 € region and beyond for a while now (T4, T2000, P1) and now wants to return to its roots with the T2 PLUS, because the T2 is still an audiophile budget IEM, which in my opinion rightly appears in many best-of lists since its release and with which the success story of TIN HIFI (then TIN AUDIO) really began.

To be honest, the T2 PLUS has nothing in common with the T2 in terms of looks, sound or technology. So I see it more as a marketing strategy to market the T2 PLUS as a T2 affiliate. T5 would have done it too, or a whole new series! But what they have in common (I deliberately leave the T2 Pro out of it because it didn't offer me any real added value) is the price tag. Can the T2 PLUS put on the budget crown under 50€ like the T2 once did? Let's have a look...


After the T2000 I was already afraid that TIN HIFI might suffer from a little taste lapse, or better said, that it had covered up a previously unknown species to which they now want to ergonomically adapt their in-ears.

Thank goodness they decided to use human ears again with the T2 PLUS and so it is, next to the P1, for me the most comfortable and convenient IEM of TIN HIFI. Even if the sound tube opening is a bit short, I get an excellent fit and therefore a safe and comfortable wearing feeling.

The case is made of aluminium in a matt design and seems to be made of one piece, although of course on closer inspection the faceplate gap is noticeable. Light, ergonomic and of high quality, describes the feel of the T2 PLUS quite well!
In addition to a good 4-core cable, there are a pair of foamtips and a selection of silicone tips. A nice case, like with the T4, or P1 unfortunately didn't make it into the packaging, but here the goal was probably to keep the price below 50 €.

TIN HIFI doesn't differ from their MMCX connector, which I don't think is a bad thing, since I haven't had any problems with Tin HIFI so far, but some other customer reviews.

The isolation is quite good, but not the measure of all things. Even the outside world can enjoy the music if you listen closely. But this is not intrusive and very well tolerable!

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Well done! For me, the T2 PLUS, together with the slightly brighter T4, is the most natural IEM of Tin HIFI so far. Yes, the P1 also has an extraordinary sound reproduction, but this is more analytical and focuses on resolution and transparency, although it can also sound a bit flat and boring. But the shy bass also loses some of its naturalness, simultaneously to the T2. Not so with the T2 PLUS, which, in contrast to its supposed brother, only has a dynamic driver and thus rather emulates the T4.
Although the frequency response seems very linear, it surprises me, apart from a fantastic voice reproduction, with a warm, lively and natural manner.

For me the bass is very well done and realistic. It finds a balance between control, speed, smoothness, warmth and punch. It also provides sufficient level in the sub-bass. I find that bass instruments and bass drums etc. have a very natural response without resonating too short or long. This gives the T2 PLUS a pleasant three-dimensionality even in the low frequencies. The bass is not one that scores with particularly powerful punch or embarrassingly accurate detail reproduction. But it manages to suggest that the way we hear the bass with the T2 PLUS is the reality. You let yourself go and are grateful for the warm and soft foundation that is offered here. Soft doesn't mean that the bass is bloated or that it acts too slow. On the contrary, it's actually quite tight, but has this ease of gliding over the bass notes, which is very rare in this price range. No ear massage, but also not anemic, but just right. For me it could be a little bit more precise, pressing and direct.

The mids are quite similar to the T4. I can't get rid of the feeling that the dynamic drivers of the IEMs have more in common than the price difference would suggest. The T4 is a bit more aggressive in the upper mids compared to the T2 PLUS and has a bigger boost in the mid highs (around 5-6 kHz).
This means that the T2 PLUS has the more relaxed mids, which show no signs of exaggerated hardness and therefore get the bonus in audibility, although I didn't and don't find this particularly alarming with the T4. Furthermore, besides the bass they are the clear strength of the T2 PLUS. Detailed, smooth, natural timbre with slight warmth! Without being particularly exciting, they fully meet my taste. It's certainly possible to make it all a bit more separated, transparent and high-resolution, but then we are talking about a different price range. A little more crisp would be nice, but I am always impressed with the natural ease with which the mids perform.

The highs are relatively relaxed and sound just as natural. In comparison, they are the weakest part of the T2 PLUS. They work out details well, but are sometimes a bit sloppy. Likewise, cymbals can be a little thin and clanging/artefactual. However, this is quite marginal and also occurs mostly with confusing songs. The trebles give the signature more lightness and provide an open sound image. They are not quite as resolving as on the T4, but they are fatigue-free and the sibilants are only cut by a touch when the song already emphasizes them more. In short, the trebles don't hurt anybody and offer good technical and sound characteristics. With the T2 PLUS they are more supportive and promote musicality instead of relying too much on analysis. With rare exceptions, they are not to blame.

The stage is quite spacious in the panorama and also has a pleasant extension in the depth, but without digging out a mining shaft. It underlines once again the homogeneous overall picture and scratches at the width of the T4, which sounds a bit more open due to the emphasized highs.


TIN HIFI managed to get me back on their side after the little slip-up at the T2000.
Although the T2 PLUS is not an IEM that I would associate directly with the T2 when listening to it, because they go two completely different ways in terms of sound and can perhaps only be brought together in the mids, although the T2 is more analytical and cooler and the T2 PLUS focuses more on naturalness and warmth, what they have in common is the price/performance ratio, which I think is outstanding in both.
50€ is a very good investment for me here and the T2 PLUS also clearly stands out from other budget models in terms of sound. It may not be the most exciting, and perhaps not the most detailed among the competitors, but it manages to stand out with homogeneity, musicality and naturalness and is therefore an unreserved recommendation to buy for me and also fulfils audiophile demands as long as you are not attracted to one extreme, be it the bass, the mids or the highs, and no miracles expected.




Here the processing plays a role and the usability of the scope of supply. Additionally the appearance, wearing comfort and robustness.

Here I evaluate for me subjectively the price/performance ratio - does not flow into the evaluation!

Z: No Brainer

A: money well spent

B: all right, you can do

C: gives better for less money

D: overpriced

E: collector's price

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Here, I focus on the long-term audibility and whether I can hear it well out of the box. This is of course very subjective and therefore only a minimal deduction or bonus. 

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S: 9.5 - 10

A: 9.0 - 9.4​

B: 8.0 - 8.9​

C: 7.0 - 7.9

D: 6.0 - 6.9​
E: 5.0 - 5.9​

F: 0.0 - 4.9​

















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