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- Burkhard Kieker -



Frequency response:

10 ohms @ 1kHz

113 dB @ 1 kHz

20-20,000 Hz


Driver type | Number:


medical resin

Balanced Armature | 2

Universal - custom style


Opinions on BER

>> The BER wins over the ZHR because of the name alone. ( ... ) But even this 2BA remains true to the basic CEAR tuning.

The sound description of the ZHR basically also fits the BER with only slight differences. ( ... ) The bass is detailed and voluminous, without hammering or booming. Voices sound full for BA standards and do not scream. The treble is smooth and avoids spiky over-emphasis. <<

- Klaus Eulenbach -

Scope Of Delivery

  •   8-core copper cable with 2-pin connector (black)

  • 3 pairs of silicone tips with a wide opening in three sizes (S, M, L)

  • 1 pair of foam tips

  • Cleaning tool

  • Round metal box for storing the IEMs with the CEAR logo

  • BER-IEM (L & R)


The BER is delivered without packaging. Accessories and IEM are in the metal box.

Think Green: Elaborate packaging creates unnecessary plastic and paper waste!


The upcoming section reflects my own as well as subjective impression and does not have to coincide with your possible future experiences.

Since I cannot offer you a right of return, I would like to convey to you as honestly as possible what you can expect from the IEM.

TL; DR - too long; didn't read

Signature: bass & mid focused


Sound: warm, musical, intimate, relaxed


+ Properties: realistic stage, depth, spaciousness, speed


+ Monitoring: bass instruments (double bass, bass guitar etc.), drums, wind instruments & vocals

+ Genre: hip-hop, electro, pop, RnB, movie scores, jazz, singer / songwriter


+ Points are my subjective assessment and not generally valid


- Properties: Separation for overloaded content, high frequency brilliance, sub-bass


- Monitoring:   Piano, instruments with a focus on higher frequency ranges


- Genre: rock, metal, classical


- Points are of course not a knockout criterion, but the strengths lie elsewhere


- Welcome to the dark side of the Force -


Drivers: Knowles CI 22955 (bass) & ED 29689 (midrange / treble).

The BER brings the bass, as well as the mids to the forefront and provides them with the treble supporting to remain authentic and not slip into the darkness.
In addition to a punchy bass and voluminous mids, it brings especially a pleasant warmth and texture for instruments and timbres in the mentioned frequency ranges.

At the same time, it remains relaxed and fatigue-free even over long listening sessions. Especially in the midrange, it provides a wealth of detail, but also remains realistic and entertaining in the bass and treble.

If you're looking for an in-ear for monitoring drums and bass instruments, or prefer intimacy and warmth on vocals, the BER gives you a tool for professional use, but also for private listening pleasure.
In addition to a warm, mid-focused signature, it brings a refreshingly natural tonality, which sets it apart from the usually brighter, more exciting and highly bred signatures on the market.

Without the pretense of exaggeration, the sound unfolds within a realistic stage extension with deepness staggering. This results in a homogeneous 3D image where voices are strong, focused and intimately, surrounded by the instrument arrangement.

However, if you feel more comfortable with bright signatures, with emphasized highs and extension at both ends of the frequency spectrum, and also prefer a direct and razor-sharp separated sound, the BER is probably not for you at first glance, but maybe it can still convince you with its raw, but honest & warm charm.


If you are less familiar with a warm and mid-focused signature, you should definitely give yourself and especially your ears some time with the BER before you probably make a hasty judgment.


History - attention - stereotypes and irony

Berlin bei Nacht
Berliner Fernsehturm

<< Dit find ick knorke! >>


- Berlin dialect -


Berlin is not just a city for me, it is my hometown.

No matter whether I plunge into a new adventure for a few months or even years, in Berlin lie my roots and my heart.

I will not try to find reasons why Berlin is for me THE city to live, because it would be one not objective and certainly not fair to other cities. 

However, I can try to describe what I associate with Berlin and why the BER sounds like it sounds.

Driving beats and the Berlin nightlife

Anyone who has spent a short or long time in Berlin has inevitably come into contact with the capital's colorful, loud, open, eccentric and surreal nightlife. Although the boundaries between day and night are blurred here, those who want to drift carefree for once and are open to the situation and fellow human beings will always find their place in Berlin.


Family and memories


Berlin is something like the soundtrack of my life. I have countless songs that remind me of certain places, situations or people. No matter if family, friends or longtime companions. With almost everyone, I have common experiences in, or with this city, even if the person has never seen the city itself.


Hard shell, soft core


Berliners wear their hearts on their sleeves, most of them at least. Since the Berlin snout - "Wat issn ditte", "Hasste mal ne Mark", or "Pass ma uff Keule!" - can have a rather intimidating effect on strangers (with whom one is always on a first-name basis without being asked) and the strengths of the Berliner are not necessarily the conciliatory and objective confrontation, he/she rarely appears to the outside world as the future son-in-law, or daughter, if one is not used to such dealings.

However, when the Berliner realizes that he/she is being countered, he/she quickly reveals his/her warm-hearted and empathetic character after two or three sentences of repartee.


Live and let live


In Berlin there is basically only one law. Tolerate your fellow human beings and you will be tolerated as well. It doesn't matter which origin, sexual orientation, preferences or attitude (with the exception of right-wing ideas, which have no place in any city, country or continent). If you accept the other, he accepts you and if not, there is still enough space to get out of the way. Berlin is and always has been multicultural and that is one of the best things about the city. There are hardly any  places for me that bring such cultural diversity and related offers in every respect.


And what does that have to do with BER?

  • driving beats and long term listenability

  • warm, intimate and honest (if you let yourself get involved)

  • dirty, voluminous and direct

  • loves the night (dark) more than the day (bright)

  • transports emotions