Dear Reader,
I am very pleased that you are interested in ordering my CEAR in-ear monitors . In order to avoid possible confusion about the order process, please read the following information carefully. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.


I am not a distributor, nor do I have my own company, or any other distribution.
I have developed IEMs for private use and am happy to share the result with you, but this results in some restrictions, especially in the order processing.

Making my own IEMs available to you only works in a collective order in advance of 30 pieces per model. Only then the production company is willing to produce the IEMs. The keyword here is MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). This means that it is the smallest quantity of products or units that a supplier is willing to produce or deliver at one time.
Once the minimum quantity is reached, I can place the order with the supplier and send him the money collected, as well as your shipping address. The supplier will then directly take care of the production, shipping and aftersales.
I do not conclude a sales contract with you (which would not be possible for me from a legal point of view), but you and other interested parties collect money together for the respective production of the IEMs, so to speak.

Although this limits the direct access to the IEMs, it allows an excellent quality control (handwork) and above all sustainability, since production is only on demand. Last but not least, there is no financial risk for me, as I do not have to pay in advance.

To avoid further economic damage, I can unfortunately not offer you a return. Therefore, I try to describe the field of application, as well as strengths and weaknesses of my IEMs (subjective) in the article description as accurately and as well as possible. 
However, there is of course a warranty on the products in case of defects through no fault of your own (see below for details).

Transparency is important to me and so is a trustworthy basis when collecting orders. 
I will always document the current status of the orders (batch) publicly, keep you up to date and answer all your additional questions privately.
I depend on your trust in this project, but will not exploit it at any time.

Unfortunately I can't offer you the products through an official distributor. This is simply due to the lack of margin what would make the distribution for a retailer interesting in the first place.
To gain the interest of a distributor I would have to add the margin (pure profit for the distributor) on top of the manufacturer price.
However, I want to offer you the IEMs at the best possible and competitive price without enriching myself financially.

To conclude: It is not my intention to sell you a product, but to give you the possibility to profit from my own development, if you want to do so. Therefore I found this way via an external production company, which is willing to make my own IEM developments available to you, under the mentioned circumstances.

How can I take part in the bulk order

There are two options here:

You can participate directly via PayPal - Moneypol and thus secure a CEAR IEM (of your choice), or you can write to me directly for further payment details / options if you do not have PayPal.

As soon as the minimum number of 30 pieces of the selected IEM is reached, I place the order and forward the money and shipping data collected directly to the production company, which then takes care of the rest.

You can find the PayPal links to the individual products directly on the respective IEM page, my email address for inquiries about other payment options in the footer of the website.

Where and by whom are the IEMs made?

My Pro-Line IEMs are manufactured by HISENIOR in Singapore. I am very happy to have won this company for the implementation of my demos, as I not only appreciate their professionalism, but am also very satisfied with the production quality. It was not about producing as cheaply as possible, but much more sustainably and above all with pronounced quality control.

How do I get the IEMs?

The dispatch is taken over directly by HISENIOR. This means that the IEMs are sent to you directly from the factory. Standard shipping (ePacket) is already included in the price.

How long do I have to wait for the IEMs?

There is no general answer to this question. As already mentioned, the IEMs are only produced on demand and only from an order volume of 30 pieces per model. You can always see how many orders have already been received for the respective model.


The production of the IEMs then takes 4-7 days and the shipping also 10-15. So patience and forbearance is needed, because this is unfortunately not otherwise feasible at the moment.


Is there a guarantee / aftersales?

Yes, the standard warranty is one year and is provided directly by HISENIOR.
If there is a problem with the IEM that is not caused by you, HISENIOR will repair and ship it back to you free of charge. The shipping costs to HIESNIOR will be paid by you.

If the problem occurs within the first 7 days, HISENIOR will pay all shipping costs as well as the repair costs, if no own fault is found in the inspection.


After the warranty period, HISENIOR offers continuous service, with the difference that the material costs needed for a repair will be charged and you will have to pay all freight costs.


!!! There is no repair/replacement in case of own fault. Also there is no possibility to return the IEMs if you don't like the product, because it is only produced on demand !!!!