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Intro has already made some reviews possible for me by loans of their products, which I could not have written so easily. A special highlight for me now is the Campfire Audio Solaris. The price of the Campfire Audio Solaris is much higher than the price of the in-ears reviewed so far, but does that mean that I have found a new standard with the Solaris that puts my listening habits and my beloved in-ears in the shade? We will see. The Solaris competes for me against the ORIVETI OH500, which is a third cheaper, but shares a similar driver configuration (OH500: 1*DD & 4*BA - Solaris: 1*DD & 3*BA) and is my reference so far.


When you hold the Solaris in your hands for the first time, you are already flashing lightly. You are not only holding an above-average large and heavy in-ear in your hand, you are holding real gold. The front panel is made of 24 carat gold and inevitably contributes to the price of 1500€. Is this necessary, because this certainly has no influence on the sound characteristics? I'll leave the question unanswered, everyone should decide for himself!
Otherwise, due to the pleasant corrugation, the haptics and the weight, one has the feeling of holding an indestructible building block of gold in one's hands, from which even music comes out.

As unergonomic as the Solars may seem at first glance, this is not confirmed by its wearing comfort. Even smaller ears should not have big problems with the Solaris. Even if it will certainly bump into the ear and protrude quite far, it has cleanly rounded edges, so that there is probably no pressure at the points of contact when wearing it. I can also use the Solaris for sports without any problems.
However, I wouldn't call the Solaris an ergonomic wonder to wear, as its size and especially its weight might be its downfall. Even if plastic or resin may not always make the most valuable impression, they are usually much more comfortable to wear. Apart from that, I've seen far more drivers in more compact cases, such as the BGVP DMG, although the number of drivers rarely indicates a good in-ear. Nevertheless, the comfort is very high.

With the packaging and its contents one notices of course that this is most probably not a Chi-Fi product of the 100€ class, although there are exceptions here as well.
Apart from the Campfire that comes from the USA and also develops its products there, the accessories are consistently premium. Leather case with real sheep's wool as interior, spinfits, foam tips and silicone tips in every size, cleaning tools and a super stranded cable, which consists of silver-plated copper. This is a high benchmark, but also a must at this price!

The isolation is very respectable and leaves little room for criticism at moderate volume.


You can hardly reproach Campfire for having done a bad job with the tuning and driver selection of the Solaris! What immediately impresses is the three-dimensionality and separation. The frequency transition of the individual drivers is fluent and you don't hear any particular drops or overlays, as is the case with many Chi-Fi hybrids.
If you compare this to the OH500, you'll find that the OH500 sounds darker and softer, but also flatter, which makes it look more neutral. The Solaris, on the other hand, has a clearer V signature and dots with a slightly better resolution, expansion in treble and firmer bass. Here, the Solaris is more similar to the OH300, which also sounds more lively than the OH500, but the naturalness, in terms of the more neutral music reproduction, is somewhat lower. It's a matter of taste and, admittedly, one has to get used to the signature of the OH500 in order to realize its full potential. That's flat with the Solaris and he can quickly score with the first sounds.

The bass is really tight, has a pleasant beat and can generate a lot of pressure even at low frequencies. In short, the bass of the Solaris is really fun and can leave its mark on any genre. It has an amazing resolution and texture. At no time does it become booming or muddy, but stays on the point with a high level of detail. Really very well done. You have to admit that the bass is raised, which is also reflected in the signature, but this is also exactly my case. You can satisfy me more with a little too much bass than with too little. This is where the overall presentation of the OH500 comes in short, as it lacks speed and strength in comparison.

That the Solaris in contrast to the OH500 appears more open, brighter and more energetic, I have already mentioned and exactly this makes the comparison of the mids somewhat difficult for me. I'm still thrilled with the stoic lightness with which the OH500 presents the mids, even if they appear a bit flat at first, but this is proven by the OH500's more linear frequency response. This doesn't necessarily reflect the listening habits of the ordinary consumer and just requires getting used to it. In contrast to the Solaris, I would describe the OH500 as introverted, but with comparable capabilities. The Solaris's mids sound more lively as well as more vivid and are ahead in terms of space and separation. Nevertheless, they are at eye level with the OH500's technology. Voices are more present in the Solaris, but do not have the intimate and calm nature of the OH500, which makes it appear more natural. With the Solaris they look more polished and not quite so honest. The Solaris has an excellent level of detail and clarity, however, and the mids have more power and energy, which will certainly appeal to more listeners than the OH500.
Sibilants, however, are more of an issue with the Solaris and they tire faster than with the OH500, which could basically remain in the ear day and night due to its soft, relaxed nature, regardless of the volume. With the Solaris, slight signs of fatigue already set in after an hour if you add a little more volume. All in all and due to the more natural reproduction, the OH500 has priority here.

It's similar in the high frequencies. I would attest more brilliance and strength to the Solaris right away, as well as the larger extension. However, it would be unfair to the OH500 to clearly override these characteristics, because he can certainly keep up, but must first familiarize himself with his listener, whereby he opens more and more and reveals himself.
The Solaris doesn't have to take this step, but rather captivates you much faster when it comes to resolution and attention to detail. The Solaris rather has the problem that he has to struggle with a positive ordinariness at the beginning and his small nuances only come to light with time. You listen to the Solaris and think to yourself: "Yes, it's damn good, but somehow I miss the special", as it already plays at a very high, well-known level. The OH500 is much more suspenseful at the beginning and you notice there is more to it, it just needs some time. The OH500 is more relaxed in the treble, but can easily keep up in detail and clarity. The Solaris only has the upper hand in the brilliance, as well as in the three-dimensionality. Tie.

I said with the OH500: "The 3D display is one of the best I've been able to hear so far", this statement must now give way to the Solaris, even if not clearly. However, the presentation is a bit more convincing, especially in depth.


Well, what can I say? My heart is still attached to the OH500, but the Solaris manages to captivate me with its extroverted way! It's fun and can completely fulfill the audiophile demand. However, I don't see the Solaris above the OH500, especially when it comes to everyday suitability and wearing comfort.
The Solaris offers a lot and is not sober to show. A little more restraint, however, would suit him well and so a hybrid of OH500 and Solaris would certainly leave nothing to be desired for me.



Here the processing plays a role and the usability of the scope of supply. Additionally the appearance, wearing comfort and robustness.

Here I evaluate for me subjectively the price/performance ratio - does not flow into the evaluation!

Z: No Brainer

A: money well spent

B: all right, you can do

C: gives better for less money

D: overpriced

E: collector's price

Daily life:
Here, I focus on the long-term audibility and whether I can hear it well out of the box. This is of course very subjective and therefore only a minimal deduction or bonus. 

(-0.1, 0, +0.1)


Rating in Letters

S: 9.5 - 10

A: 9.0 - 9.4​

B: 8.0 - 8.9​

C: 7.0 - 7.9

D: 6.0 - 6.9​
E: 5.0 - 5.9​

F: 0.0 - 4.9​





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