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– James Joyce – 



Frequency response:

9 ohms @ 1kHz

115 dB @ 1 kHz

20-20,000 Hz


Driver type | Number:


medical resin

Balanced Armature | 1

Universal - custom style


Opinions on ZHR

>> In fact, the ZHR is very accessible for me. So it is not very far from the description "neutral". However, it does not fall into the cold or analytical category for me at all. The bass is very bulbous and also voluminous and offers a lot of texture. Voices are very full-bodied and convincing overall with the right tonality. The tuning of the treble is also very successful and balanced, especially for a single driver <<

- Klaus Eulenbach -

Scope Of Delivery

  •   8-core copper cable with 2-pin connector (black)

  • 3 pairs of silicone tips with a wide opening in three sizes (S, M, L)

  • 1 pair of foam tips

  • Cleaning tool

  • Round metal box for storing the IEMs with the CEAR logo

  • ZHR-IEM (L & R)


The ZHR is delivered without packaging. Accessories and IEM are in the metal box.

Think Green: Elaborate packaging creates unnecessary plastic and paper waste!


The upcoming section reflects my own as well as subjective impression and does not have to coincide with your possible future experiences.

Since I cannot offer you a right of return, I would like to convey to you as honestly as possible what you can expect from the IEM.

TL; DR - too long; didn't read

Signature: mid focused


Sound: neutral, natural


+ Properties: wide stage, speed, realism (especially vocals)


+ Monitoring: vocals, guitar, piano, strings

+ Genre: pop, instrumental, classical, singer / songwriter, country, metal


+ Points are my subjective assessment and not generally valid


- Properties: extension - subbass & treble


- Monitoring: Instruments which require a certain physicality 


- Genre: hip-hop, electro


- Points are of course not a knockout criterion, but the strengths lie elsewhere


- Neutral like Switzerland?! -


Drivers: Knowles ED 29689

The ZHR practices neutrality. Nevertheless, it focuses on the midrange and brings voices to the fore cleanly and with an authentic timbre.
Despite the neutral tuning, it remains quite musical with its slight warmth and does not allow itself to be pushed into sterility.

Due to its realistic tonality, it is particularly suitable for professional monitoring, especially for voice reproduction. It doesn't gloss over anything and reproduces the musical content without additional effects.
If you focus mainly on the midrange reproduction, or generally prefer a pristine sound, the ZHR is your choice.

However, if you are looking for a fun-tuned IEM that will either give you more punch in the bass or more excitement in the treble, you will probably find the ZHR rather boring and emotionless. Nevertheless, the ZHR can be interesting for you if you want to give your hearing a sound cure, or a new sonic experience. 


If you are less familiar with a mid-focused signature, it will certainly take a while to get used to the sound of the ZHR.


History - attention - stereotypes and irony


<< Dit find ick knorke! >>


(Time is most valuable when you don't have it)


For some, Zurich is the Monaco of Switzerland, for others the epitome of urban life and trendy city

For me, Zurich is not only a city worth living in, which always surprises and challenges at the same time, depending on the point of view, but also a stage of life and a second home

Small, yet so big

It doesn't always need size to be big. In Zurich, you don't have to plan a day trip to get from A to B, but find everything you need centrally on your doorstep. If you walk through the city with your eyes wide open, you will find an unexpected variety of things to see and love on virtually every corner and in every backyard.

From Langstraße, to Bahnhofstraße, to Lindenhof. The cityscape changes every minute. One minute I'm in a lively quarter with countless bars, the next I'm standing in front of posh boutiques and a little later in a courtyard in the middle of the historic district with a view over Zurich. The people of the city are as different and individual as the surroundings.


No panic on the Titanic


A city to slow down. In terms of size, Zurich has a lot of inhabitants, who often gather sociably in a small space. But this rarely makes it uncomfortable, because everyone is considerate and enjoys the time (even if you don't have it) and the hustle and bustle without rushing.


The Zurich (Swiss) is a tough nut to crack


If you want to mingle, you are not alone for long. Already after a short time you have the feeling that you know everyone in Zurich. On the one hand, this certainly has to do with the fact that you unexpectedly run into each other often in everyday life, but on the other hand, it also has to do with the sociability of the people of Zurich. However, if you want to make lasting connections, you have to have a little more patience in order to build up a relationship beyond the superficial, entertaining conversation.

Everything under one "roof"


Not only culturally Zurich, or rather the whole of Switzerland (four national languages) has something to offer, but also scenically. It doesn't take 90 minutes and I'm suddenly standing in the snow at 2000m altitude, although I was just standing in flip-flops at 24 degrees on the Limmat (river in Zurich). From wide green meadows, to glaciers, to palm trees. One has the feeling to be every 100 km further in a new country without ever having left Switzerland.


And what does that have to do with BER?

  • becomes more profound the more intensively one hears

  • neutral and clean

  • in the "middle" lies the power (midfocus)

  • naturalness and spatial

  • versatile usable